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About us

The PSFcheck slide emerged from collaboration between academics at the Universities of Oxford and Exeter in the UK. Find out more below about the people involved and the oganisations that have made this new technology possible.


Dr Alex Corbett

University of Exeter


Alex is currently a Lecturer in Fluorescence Microscopy at the University of Exeter. He received MPhys and PhD degrees from the University of Cambridge in 2002 and 2008. After completing his PhD he spent 4 years developing holographic projection technologies for a University spin-out company. He then moved to Oxford to develop fast scanning techniques in optical microscopy. It was whilst trying to calibrate a custom-built microscope that Alex reaslied the need for a three-dimensional fluorescent calibration sample. Luckily for him, Patrick was occupying the next door office. A few discussions later and the concept for the first PSFcheck slide was born.


Dr Patrick Salter

University of Oxford


Patrick holds an EPSRC Early Career Fellowship in Manufacturing technologies and is the W.W. Spooner Junior Research Fellow in Engineering at New College, Oxford. Patrick completed his DPhil in 2010 in Liquid Crystal Technology at Oxford University on a CASE award with Merck Chemicals, investigating complex liquid crystal structures for fast switching display modes. Following his PhD, he switched from designing liquid crystal devices, to using them in applications in adaptive optical fabrication. Patrick has 8 years experience in ultrafast laser processing using adaptive optics for beam shaping, aberration correction and parallelisation.


Dr Tori Hammond 
University of Exeter


Victoria (Tori) is a Research Commercialisation Manager in the Commercial and Business Programmes Team within Innovation, Impact and Business. She supports academics at the University of Exeter with the commercialisation of intellectual property (such as patents, copyright and know-how) through licensing and the formation of spin-out companies. Tori mainly works on healthcare, life sciences, and medical device innovations. Tori joined the University of Exeter in February 2016 after working in technology transfer at Imperial Innovations and Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust.

Prior to this, Tori carried out a PhD at the University of Bath investigating the cellular biochemistry of Alzheimer’s disease, following a first degree in molecular biology. Additionally, Tori worked in research and development at GlaxoSmithKline investigating novel drug targets for chronic pain.


Dr Jeremy Metz
Software consultant

PyCalibrate Development

Jeremy has authored the PyCalibrate image processing software, accessible through Jeremy is a data science consultant focussing on computational image analysis. Jeremy was trained as a physical science researcher with experience in computational modelling, biophysics, image analysis, theoretical quantum physics and quantum optics. Jerermy has a PhD in quantum optics and quantum computation and MSci in Physics and has extensive expertise in C++, Python, Javascript, and Matlab, with working knowledge of Rust and Java.


Specialties: Scientific computing, biophysical modelling, theoretical physics, image analysis, computer vision, quantum optics

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