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Additional information about slide performance


Broad spectral profile

The laser-written features fluoresce across the visible spectrum, having a broad excitation/emission profile peaking around 488nm / 550nm. The above profiles indicate the fluorescence intensity for a range of different fabrication powers. The broadband profile is particularly useful for checking image alignment across multiple colour channels.


Excitation across the visible

The above images were taken of the grid pattern using the excitation wavelengths shown. The images were taken on a DeltaVision OMX V3 in 2018, courtesy of Dr  Lothar Schermelleh and Dr Andrew Jefferson of the Micron Oxford Advanced Bioimaging Unit at Oxford University.

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To find out more about PSFcheck slide you can read our recent publication in Optics Express:

feature_size vs power.png

Feature size vs Fabrication power 

When the fabrication optics is corrected for aberrations, the lateral size of the fluorescent feature varies linearly with the pulse energy of the fabrication laser. Images of the features shown above were taken by Dr Mike Shaw at the National Physical Laboratories in Teddington, UK. Dr Shaw used a structured illumination microscope with a lateral resolution of 160 nm. Validation of the measured feature size can also be achieved by using other super-resolution methods or by comparison to fluorescent beads of known size.

feature_size super-res.png

Super-resolution images 

The PSFcheck fluorescent features are compatible with 2D and 3D structured illumination microscopy and single molecular localisation (SML) microscopy. These techniques have been used (see above) to measure the absolute size of the fluorescent features in the large and small 3D point arrays. The large features in the 3D array pattern have been measured to be 750 nm laterally and the small features in the 3D array measured to be 300 nm laterally (10% tolerance). 


Refractive index

The refractive index of the polymer substrate in PSFcheck varies relatively slowly across the visible range. At the peak excitation value of 488 nm the refractive index is 1.57. As the laser written features are located just below the protective coverslip (< 30 um) any index mismatch with the immersion oil will not have a significant effect on the PSF measurement.

Pipetting Samples and Test Tube

Improved matching

We are constantly looking to revise and improve our calibration products. In particular we are currently investigating solutions for water immersion lenses, so watch this space!

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