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Buying your PSFcheck slides

PSFcheck slides can be purchased through University of Exeter. A link to the online order form is available from this page (click "Order Form" link on the right):

PSFcheck Order Form

How the purchasing portal works:

  1. The above link will take you to the University of Exeter consultancy services web page. From here you enter your contact details, the number of slides you would like at the price provided below and click submit. There is only one version of the slide available at present.

  2. After a few working days you will be e-mailed an invoice (these are manually generated). The invoice will contain a link through which you will be able to make a card payment (in GBP only) for the number of slides you have requested. Alternatively, quotations and invoices can be provided for purchases by Purchase Order .   

  3. That’s it! Once notified that payment is completed the slides will be sent to you directly. If your institution requires delivery in advance of payment, please specify this on the order form. 

Delivery: Please be aware that it may take up to three weeks from sample purchase to shipping. 

Pricing: When making a card payment (see above) the PSFcheck slides can be purchased in GBP, USD or EURO.

The cost per slide is  £650.00 / $800.00 / €750.00. 

If you have any questions regarding the purchasing process, please use the Contact Us page or get in touch with directly.

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