Delivering confidence in your microscope images 

PSFcheck calibration slides offer a quick and easy way to:

  • Quantify imaging performance 

  • Track changes in image quality

  • Support your research findings 

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Over 150 PSFcheck slides sold worldwide

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Journal papers citing PSFcheck

1. Hurley, M. E. et al. “A correlative super-resolution protocol to visualise structural underpinnings of fast second-messenger signalling in primary cell types”. Methods 193, 27–37 (2021).

2. McCluskey, K. A. et al. “Global correction of optical distortions in multicolor single-molecule microscopy using Zernike polynomial gradients”. Opt. Express 29, 42251 (2021).

3. García, E. T. et al. “Nanoscopic resolution within a single imaging frame”. BioRxiv (2021)

The PSFcheck slide

The PSFcheck slide uses standard microscope slide dimensions to make imaging even easier

Male Scientist


Jeremy Graham

CEO, Cairn Research Ltd.

“Based on our observations so far we expect the PSFcheck slides to be a very useful microscopy tool”