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Delivering confidence in your microscope images 

PSFcheck calibration slides offer a quick and easy way to:

  • Quantify imaging performance 

  • Track changes in image quality

  • Support your research findings 

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Over 150 PSFcheck slides sold worldwide

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Journal papers citing PSFcheck

1. Hurley, M. E. et al. “A correlative super-resolution protocol to visualise structural underpinnings of fast second-messenger signalling in primary cell types”. Methods 193, 27–37 (2021).

2. McCluskey, K. A. et al. “Global correction of optical distortions in multicolor single-molecule microscopy using Zernike polynomial gradients”. Opt. Express 29, 42251 (2021).

3. Torres-García, E., Pinto-Cámara, R., Linares, A. et al. "Extending resolution within a single imaging frame." Nat Commun 13, 7452 (2022).

The PSFcheck slide

The PSFcheck slide uses standard microscope slide dimensions to make imaging even easier

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Male Scientist


Jeremy Graham

CEO, Cairn Research Ltd.

“Based on our observations so far we expect the PSFcheck slides to be a very useful microscopy tool”

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